Saturday, November 30, 2013

4 years later 2nd post!


Four years already passed since the first and the last post. At that time I was dieing for study abroad, wanted to getting experience of foreign life and how things are taught in their universities. That was my short term resolution. Finally I got a chance to study in Japan after a year later that study I got came to US for my masters with long term internship opportunity. Briefly, my dream came true. But I still feel my English speaking and writing abilities not enough. And I feel I speak like a half man or something like that. I do write my report to my university even I participated in business emails, but I always need time, which is translation or transition, to think how can I interpret an idea and to choose right words to express.

I would like to improve my speaking and writing skills in new level. I have just noticed that writing post about my current feeling and resolution puts good time-stamp for later comparision. My next post may or may not be soon. But I hope this one would be helpful to knowing my English writing/speaking abilities.

See ya, Gantulga Nadmid

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