Saturday, November 30, 2013

4 years later 2nd post!


Four years already passed since the first and the last post. At that time I was dieing for study abroad, wanted to getting experience of foreign life and how things are taught in their universities. That was my short term resolution. Finally I got a chance to study in Japan after a year later that study I got came to US for my masters with long term internship opportunity. Briefly, my dream came true. But I still feel my English speaking and writing abilities not enough. And I feel I speak like a half man or something like that. I do write my report to my university even I participated in business emails, but I always need time, which is translation or transition, to think how can I interpret an idea and to choose right words to express.

I would like to improve my speaking and writing skills in new level. I have just noticed that writing post about my current feeling and resolution puts good time-stamp for later comparision. My next post may or may not be soon. But I hope this one would be helpful to knowing my English writing/speaking abilities.

See ya, Gantulga Nadmid

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello world!

Hello, I've just started my English web-log.
Here I'm trying to express my opinion about some topic, tell a story about things happened in my life and other stuff. I want to improve my English writing skill.
Maybe my English is poor. Therefore if you find mistakes and misunderstanding section, please correct it and ask about meaning of the section by a comment.

About post title
"Hello World!" it's very familiar with IT-related people. Most programming language books first sample is "Hello World", which prints "Hello world" text to screen. And I'm IT professional. These are why I chose this title to my new blog. So I'll try to post IT related posts as I can.

Okay, welcome to my new Eng-web-log!